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dinesh suiting has been the choice of the fashion conscious for more than 7 decades.

From a coarse fabric manufacturer, then, to a Global player in the menswear fabric segment, now, has been an eventful journey, made possible due the grit and foresightedness of the managing team, dedicated focus on excellence by the employees and trust and loyalty of the trade channel partners.

We have tided over many a storm in the form of the mushroom textile sector which delivers substandard quality to the unguarded buyer, pirated product to misguide the customers, and even the recent onslaught of below par imported goods. This has been possible due to the confidence that our partners have shown in us as well our firm resolve to succeed against all odds.

Fashion is an ever changing phenomenon. It would not be wrong to say that the only thing constant in this industry is Change. We at dinesh ask ourselves at the beginning of each day, “What is new today?” Our industry thrives on innovation and customer satisfaction. Our product, though tangible, has various intangible connotations for different end users. For some it is a status symbol, for others it is a style statement and yet for others it is a symbol of good quality and taste. To satisfy every need, honestly, is the objective that we strive for in our everyday activity.

On behalf of Team dinesh, I would like to assure every associate of ours that we would make every effort to achieve excellence in every action of ours. By excellence, I mean excellence of thought, action and intention. These are the bigger goals—the smaller ones like company’s performance and financials will naturally follow !!

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