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  Each year our designing studio crafts two editions of exquisite fabrics for our Summer and Winter Collections.

This collection of around 5000 colors and designs is inspired by international trends, customer demands, new technological developments and many innovations which are achieved in-house.

More importantly, our fabrics borrow heavily from various facets of Mother Nature to give them that fresh, earthy feel. A reflection of this can be seen in our pallet of eye pleasing, environment friendly colors and supple feel of the fabric which transcends you to the ultimate level of ecstasy with a mere touch .

The perfect drape of our fabric is imparted with the help of our latest Airo and Formula-1 machines as well as other state-of-the art finishing techniques.

Dinesh provides complete wardrobe solutions, in wool blends, polyester viscose blends or all wool fabrics for the fashionable man.
We have the perfect fabric for every occasion and mood, be it the Boardroom, Wedding Altar,  Evening Cocktail, First Job Interview, Traditional Festival or even the Family Holiday.

Contrary to popular belief, wool blends are not necessarily warm fabrics. The fabric can acquire its thermal qualities with variation in weave and wool microns. Since wool is a natural fiber, it is has certain qualities which give comfort. The hygroscopic nature of wool fiber enables the fabric to absorb moisture up to 17% of its weight, thereby make it more comfortable to wear in humid conditions. The long staple of wool fiber also imparts the perfect fall and drape to the fabric and as it is a natural fiber this quality remains for the life of the garment. Wool fiber itself is specially imported from Australia where sheep are bred in scientifically controlled farms. Australia, which is the wool capital of the world, supplies various grades of wool and those used in our fabrics for comfort and style are quite different from the coarser wool fibers which are only used to impart warmth. We also use special denier of Polyester and Viscose in our fabrics which give them an exclusive luster and enhance the comfort quotient. These fibers are available in various grades but the discerning customer can easily differentiate ours from the others by, simply, the look and feel of the material.

Specialty fibers like, bamboo, lycra, silk etc impart a special feel and comfort level to the fabric and enhance its performance and appearance.

The Art of Designing, Science of latest Technology and Superior Raw Material make a perfect blend and the result of this is our range of fabrics which compare with the best in the world and are sold across the Warp and Weft of the Globe and used in many leading International Apparel Brands.
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